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The "EARTH" without ART is just "EH".


The Association ArtDialog is a non-profit organization. Founder of ArtDialog is Dimitri Vasylyev, musician, conductor and music manager. The goal is planning and realization of various bilingual projects in the field of art at its highest Level ArtDialog provides a platform for well-known national and international artists and promotes young talent around the world. The goal of the Festival ArtDialog is to provide a shared platform for well-known music ensembles of classical music and national and international talents. The second priority is to create a synergy of music and art, especially visual art of national and international painters and photographers, the oenology of award-winning wines from the Bielersee-region and new ballet, the art of dance.


Art is not what you see but what you make others see.

Edgar Degas


Dmitry Hoffmann, Musiker


ART is you being free from all of the worlds heaviness.


ArtDialog Festival is a festival of art, which combines music, visual art and the art of wine. Art is the shortest way to a mutual understanding of the people!


Since 2012 we have been organising concert series, arranging concerts, placing artists and organising tours.



ART is never finished, only abandoned.


Association Art Dialog
Head office:
Grand-Rue 15
2520 La Neuveville

Administrative address:
Büttenbergstrasse 37
2504 Biel/Bienne